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The Tanana and Sons, or the Tanana Group, is a conglomerate of other incorporated businesses focused on providing exquisite services to American society. While profit is undoubtedly among the objectives of the group, her major objective is to solve the problem of clustering relationships between buyers, sellers and the government. 


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Tanana & Sons Group

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Currently, we have incorporated sub-brands that especially operate in the following departments:

Accounting and Taxation

Under Elite Accounting & Tax Services Inc., we take care of your financial, accounting, and tax requirements so you can concentrate on building your primary business. Trust our local team of accounting specialists to help you with the preparation and filing of company tax declarations, the maintenance of company accounts, and treasury services. 


Our tax experts are familiar with and stay current with local and international tax rules that are relevant to our customers’ needs. We provide great services to individuals and businesses, assisting them in developing their commercial operations and minimizing their tax loads while decreasing risks, expenses, and liabilities.

Tanana Realty

Elite Realty Inc. has a track record of success and a personal approach to property owners and property buyers. Elite Realty Inc. has created a team of skilled on-site property managers and support professionals that are enthusiastic about their jobs and excel in providing excellent customer service across our wide network of property owners and buyers.

Through the utilization of simple technologies and social media platforms like WhatsApp, coupled with our “Yes, we can” mentality and dedicated team, our operational structure is scalable. As a result, we are the company of choice for both property owners and property buyers in our community.


Tanana Insurance

Tanana Insurance Agency can handle all of your personal or family insurance needs. This covers life insurance, house insurance, vehicle insurance, and other types of coverage. We’re partners with all and sundry in Michigan, protecting your valuable possessions. Our insurance department offers a variety of coverage options for small enterprises to large corporations, including general liability insurance, cyber insurance, individuals and more.

We know what it takes to help you streamline your processes and harness the power of your data, thanks to our global expertise.

Immigration and translation

Consider us your portal to a new life abroad with our quick, accurate, and high-quality immigration and translation services. Elite Immigration & Translation can help in areas such as removal and deportation issues, divorce issues, public notary and social security services, bankruptcy and credit repair, translation and immigration services, etc. 

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