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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question you are seeking an answer to? Go through the answers we have provided to some of the frequently asked questions about our services. If your question is not answered, do not hesitate to contact a customer representative.

Tanana and Sons Inc. is into realty, accounting and taxation, insurance, and immigration and translation. These are the services that we can offer you our 100% quality while plans are ongoing to incorporate more services. Keep in touch to keep abreast with the latest developments. 

We are established in Michigan, and so are our services. However, if there’s any way we can be of service to you and your business outside the state of Michigan, we will not hesitate to come through. 

Tanana and Sons Inc., as well as all her subbrands, is duly and legally incorporated. We are in strict compliance with all the relevant laws, policies, rules, and regulations both at the federal and state levels. You cannot run into legal troubles with the government dealing with us. As a matter of fact, we are here to help shield you from the wrath of the law by helping you and your business obey it. 

Our commitment to providing quality services for our customers is unrivaled. We provide different channels for reaching our customer representatives, including WhatsApp and email. If you need to speak with a customer rep in person, kindly request a meeting. Better still, walk into our physical company located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and you will get all the help that you need in person. 

Absolutely not. We are dedicated to serving people from all walks of life as long as your business is established in Michigan. Therefore, you do not have to be a citizen to enjoy our services. We do not discriminate based on anything. All we care about is the success of you and your business in Michigan. 

Yes, you can. Our subbrands are interconnected and linked together, and so are our services. For example, our Realty subbrand can help you as a business owner source for homes closest to your business in Michigan, while our Insurance subbrand caters to all related insurance covers needs, etc. 

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